NEWS 2017

GA7 / GA8 - Erik Gunnar Asplund
In 2017 the Gunnar Asplund collection will add two new glass pendants, one of which were originally designed for the UNESCO World Heritage the "Woodland Cemetary".

GA7, was originally designed for the UNESCO World Heritage "The Woodland Cemetary".
The Woodland Cemetary became the final resting place for Asplund.
A simple epitaph at his grave bears the inscription: "His work lives."

GA8, manufactured in a frosted three layered opaque glass, is a playful luminiare:
The concentric rings, closed glass and centered lightsource creates a play of light and shadows within the glass.

Standard series - Andreas Martin-Löf
2017 is the year when ”versatility” came to be the defining word, with a completely new luminaire series which allows the user to increase or reduce the height of the luminaire but also to alter the angle.

The Standard series consist of floor- and pendant luminaires, with the possibility to be manufactured in customized lengths.

The Standard series drew inspiration from the UNP beam, normally used as a structural steel in construction.

We are strong believers in creating luminaires with a long life span, both in regards of the design and technology.
It has also been at the core of our business to let luminaires evolve over the course of years, thus creating strong "families".

Bend Mini / Post top - Bornstein Lyckefors
2017 we have worked together with the designers to develop a new size of pendants, Bend Mini, to better suit environments where a smaller pendant is better utilized.
And for the first time together we have also decided to take the step outdoors, creating the Bend Post-top luminaire.

Raita Micro - Timo Ripatti
In 2016 we introduced the Raita-series, with several different sizes in an attempt to minimize waste material as much as possible.
This year the designer chose to scale everything down, in an effort to minimize the waste even more.
The new sizes, called Raita Micro, features an even greater family consisting of ceiling-, floor-, pendant- and table luminaires.

Shade Ceiling / Pendant - David Regestam
Last year we collaborated with David Regestam of Wingårdh Arkitekter, inspired by the silhouette of the archetypal floor- and table luminaire.
2017 is the year when Shade has evolved into a family now also containing ceiling- and pendant luminaires, with the LED-lightsource covered by an opaque three layered mouthblown glass.

Soft Ceiling - A. Sture, T. Eliasson
The Soft family was introduced back in 2014 and has, over the years, evolved from pendants in various sizes into floor- and table luminaires.
Three years later we did what only seemed natural:
We created a ceiling version.