NEWS 2016

2016 is the year when are inspired by norwegian stave churches, raw architecture combined with mushrooms and silouettes.


Čuovga is our new outdoor family, consisting of bollard- and poletop luminaires. Designed by John Pettersson they are inspired by the Church of Kiruna, which in turn was inspired by norwegian stave churches.

GA15 is the 2016 addition to the Erik Gunnar Asplund collection. Originally designed for Statens Bakteriologiska Laboratorium (The Governmental Bacteriological Laboratory) in Stockholm, the shape is said to have been inspired by a droplet of blood.

Miso is a family consisting of cast aluminum pendants, a floor luminaire with a cast base and spun aluminum shade and table luminaires in different sizes. Designed by Mathieu Gustafsson the family was inspired by the raw architecture and materials used when building the extension of the University in Örebro, Sweden.

Raita is a family consisting of ceiling-, pendant- and wall luminaires. Designed by Timo Ripatti they combine two of the most beautiful materials to be used; glass and wood.

Shade is a family consisting of floor- and table luminaires. Designed by David Regestam, Wingårdh Arkitektkontor, they draw inspiration from the silouette of the archetypal lamp.
The surface treatment create a fantastic play between the intensity of light and shadow, while directing the light downward.


Finally our Bend family has grown:
In 2015 we presented the first collaboration between BLOND BELYSNING and Bornstein Lyckefors with the Bend pendants.
This year we added a floor- and table model, thus creating a family.