BLOND BELYSNING AB started with the thought of manufacturing and providing luminaires of high quality, both when it comes to the function of light as well as the design.
From the start BLOND focused on lighting for public spaces and to have a close cooperation with our clients, whom are mainly architects, interior designers, lighting consultants and electric consultants.
BLOND was created in Värnamo, Sweden, where all the production and manufacturing is still being done.
The company was created and is still being run by the same family, where the third generation is involved today.
Our long experience has given us the reputation of keeping high quality, great design and flexibility to a great extent.


In today’s world we are constantly being reminded of the great climate changes we are to face.
Today BLOND is one of the few companies which are still manufacturing their own products. In today´s age most companies choose to put their manufacturing either abroad or to produce their products several miles away from their office.
BLOND manufactures the products in Värnamo, Sweden and uses environmental friendly methods in all the stages of the production.
By carrying out the manufacturing process under our own roof we don´t contribute to pollution in form of transportation as well as we can keep a high quality of our products.
Not only do we produce products with a high quality and low pollution rate, we also work with long term products and light sources, something that has kept us in the front of our trade.
Our products are applicable with intelligent controls, for example motion- and daylight sensors, in order to provide a lighting environment which influences our earth to a minimum extent.


BLOND has always had a close cooperation with architects, interior designers and lighting consultants which has led to us being used to solutions adjusted to our customers’ demands.
To be brought in front of a challenge is something we appreciate and are more than happy to do, no special projects are too big or too small for us.
Many of the products which are represented in our standard range was originally created through a close and personal development between BLOND and the designer.
At BLOND we collaborate with architects, interior designers and lighting consultants in order to realize their visions, whether it is in regard of indoor or outdoor lighting.
Our unique starting point as manufacturers helps our collaborators to feel safe by knowing that everything is made under our roof and under the supervision of our qualified personnel.


By having a close cooperation with architects, interior designers and lighting consultants BLOND has created a range which complements the environment in which the products are applied.
To be able to create aesthetic beautiful products which doesn´t refrain from the function of the light is something we´ve always been working with, and will keep on working with in the future.
Today we are manufacturing products in a range of different materials: metal, wood, glass and terracotta to mention a few.
Our unique starting point as manufacturers has kept us in the front of our trade.
We are constantly developing our range both when it comes to indoor and outdoor lighting.
BLOND BELYSNING AB manufactures products which has their original thought of a Scandinavian light, designed by leading professionals.





Erik Gunnar Asplund (1885 - 1940) has been the key influence in creating what we today consider as Scandinavian architecture and design.
Being considered as one of the most important architects of the 20th-century, his active period extends from ca 1910 - 1940. With works that extends from national romanticism via neo-classicism to functionalism.

With a holistic perspective his architecture resembles that of a Gesamtkunstwerk - a common denominator in his works is the care for details as part of the big picture.

1913 Gunnar Asplund won a competition regarding an expansion of the Gothenburg City Hall, a project in which he was involved with for nearly 25 years due to redesigns.
During the 21st-century, BLOND BELYSNING was asked to be a part of the restauration of the Asplund-expansion, whereupon luminaires designed by Gunnar Asplund was restored.

This was the start of an ongoing project to revive and care for the designs of possibly the most important architect in Scandinavian history.

For future generations to discover.